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These items listed under Recommended Products below are some of the best products I have found for myself over the years that I’ve personally used for the performance of my own rural mail carrier route. Amazon typically has the most competitive prices on these products. If you’re lucky, you might get to deliver the Amazon package to yourself!

Many rural mail carriers are wondering when we will be getting our brown uniforms since it seems like we’re becoming the “poor stepchild” of UPS with all of the packages we’re delivering now. USPS used to stand for United States Postal Service but now it should be changed to United States Parcel Service!

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Disclaimer: The products listed above under the Recommended & Tested Products are merely recommendations that have been tried and tested by Rural Mail Carrier. They are not sold or serviced by Rural Mail Carrier and as such, there is no liability to be attached to Rural Mail Carrier for the purchase of any of these items based on this site’s recommendations.