AminoLean Energy Booster

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Jump Start Your Morning!

For the past several years, I have been using the RSP AminoLean Pre Workout supplement every morning before I leave for the Post Office. What I like most about it besides the energy boost it gives me is that it does not give me jitters like many other energy supplements can do.

AminoLean also claims to improve your mental focus and that’s something all of us rural mail carriers can use, right? How else are you going to remember where all of those Amazon packages are stacked away in the back of your vehicle!

This supplement is vegan friendly, contains no sugar and zero calories making it great for weight management. I personally find the Acai flavor to be the best and have noticed it does not contain all of the artificial food colorings compared to many other powder supplements. One container offers 25 total servings but I typically cut the amount in half to double the servings and still find the decreased amount to be more than effective.