Don’t Sweat It

Rural Carriers Need To Wear Proper Clothing This summer has sucked here in Minnesota with the high temperatures and humidity. Much of the U.S. seems to be in a heat wave this year with lots of sun and very little precipitation. Driving on some of the gravel roads on my route is like driving through a sea of chalk. The dust gets everywhere! If there’s Read More

Rural Mail Carrier Strobe Light

Make Sure They See You! One of the best investments you can make as a rural mail carrier is to get an emergency warning or flashing strobe light to place on your vehicle. Many post offices will provide a standard light to rural carriers free of charge but after years of dealing with what I felt was inadequate lighting, I decided to do some shopping Read More

Deck The Packages!

Is Christmas Over With Yet? I don’t know about you but Christmastime used to be my favorite time of year – until I started working for the USPS! Now I dread every holiday season with the constant flood of packages that not only add to the daily stress of the job but also take a toll on our rural mail carrier vehicles. Of course 2020 Read More

Death Of A Mailbox

Enough With The Political Mail!!! If this box could talk, what would it say? “No more political mailings!” or maybe “F-You Amazon!” I thought this photo was a good representation of 2020 in general and especially when it comes to life as a mail carrier in this COVID drenched year. Most mail carriers thought they were finally going to get a little break from the Read More

Welcome To Rural Mail Carrier

In The Beginning… I had been thinking about putting some type of resources together for other rural carriers and RCA’s to use as possible references to make their job a little easier. I’ve scoured the web; talked with lots of other carriers and experimented with many things on the route – especially with my vehicles and that is why I decided to start up this Read More