Stamp Out Stupidity

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Rural Mail Carrier Case Hygiene Service Talk

With the latest Stamp Out Hunger food drive promotion coming up, I thought what better way to post about the latest round of stupidity from our area’s postal management. Our postmaster stopped by each of our cases last week to explain what the upper management in the Twin Cities has dictated we do regarding maintaining our case space.

I have to say at first glance, I thought this was a practical joke. After all, this is the month of April Fool’s day, right? And then when my eyes went straight to “hygiene” and “stool”, I was wondering if a carrier had actually left his/her biological stool in their case in response to how rural carriers have been treated like “crap” over the past few years…

I’m not sure if this is a nation-wide mandate or just our district but I can guarantee there will be multiple grievances filed over this most importantly because of the fact that this is obviously going to take us more time to gather our necessary tools to perform our jobs every day and that will need to be factored into our pay or we are once again donating our time to the USPS. 

It seems to me (and many others) that this is just one more example of people in management trying to justify their jobs by coming up with ridiculous regulations/restrictions like this when they should be focusing on making our jobs more tolerable. This is just going to have the opposite effect.