Welcome to Rural Mail Carrier!

Consider this to be the “un-official” go-to source for the ins and outs of life as a rural mail carrier in the United States. My goal is to pack it full of helpful information for fellow rural carriers and RCA’s to make your very challenging job a little easier and hopefully more enjoyable. This site is not going to bore you with the typical government information regarding the USPS or the union-related National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association. It’s merely intended to provide you with an honest look into what it means to be a rural mail carrier in today’s world.

Whether you are new to the rural carrier craft or a seasoned veteran rural mail carrier, I hope to share some advice, tips, suggestions and job-related products that I have used over the years. Like many things, a lot of what you will learn on the job as a rural mail carrier will come down to trial and error. What might work well for me might not for you.

It takes a special breed to be a rural mail carrier. Most people think all we do is drive around in the country for a few hours sticking envelopes in mail boxes; taking 2-hour breaks and collecting a big government paycheck. All I say to those people is “try it for a week or even 2 days” and you will see for yourself what a demanding and often underappreciated job rural carriers have.

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Protect Your ASSets!

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