Seat Covers Protect Your Rural Letter Carrier Vehicle

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Seat Covers Are A Great Investment!

One thing I quickly learned as a rural letter carrier is that it doesn’t take long for your vehicle to get dirty – both inside and out. Some of us drive on the nastiest roads imaginable including dirt, mud, gravel, snow, etc. And driving with the window open at all times means the elements are going to find a way to get into your mail carrier vehicle.

Whether you have leather, vinyl or cloth seats, I have personally found that the small investment of installing seat covers can not only make your daily drive on the route more comfortable but it will also greatly help preserve your vehicle’s seats. I have used both cloth seat covers and a “leatherette-style” seat cover made by FH Group.

For the difference in cost, I would strongly suggest not going with the cloth style as they will still absorb moisture when it rains and snows inside your vehicle while the leatherette seat covers will prevent that moisture from soaking into your seats.

As I said, I can personally attest to theĀ  FH Group Perforated Leatherette Seat Covers. They come in a variety of colors to match (or contrast) your vehicle’s interior and are fairly easy to install once you get the hang of it. Keep in mind that these are “universal” seat covers – not “custom” seat covers. This means they are made to fit a variety of vehicles and are not specifically designed only to fit your vehicle. What does this mean to you?

  1. They are going to cost much less than custom seat covers.
  2. They are going to fit a variety of vehicles so there’s a good chance you may be able to use them on more than one of your mail carrier vehicles. I have been able to do that with my Ford, Honda and Toyota vehicles.
  3. They are not going to be 100% super tight on your seats like a custom cover would be so expect a little movement every so often with all of the getting in and out of the vehicle that we rural letter carriers do on a daily basis.

There are lot of options out there when it comes to seat covers and it can get confusing trying to find the right one so be sure to read the descriptions carefully to make sure they will fit your vehicle before ordering and the next time it rains (or snows) in your vehicle, you’ll be glad your seats were protected.