Protect Your Rural Mail Carrier Vehicle

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Don't Start From Scratch!

One of the first things I noticed after becoming a rural carrier is how easy it was to get scratches on my vehicle – especially my passenger door. All of those clunky mailbox doors  falling down and scratching the sides of my car drove me crazy!

No matter how careful I would be, as soon as my mind would start to wonder (as it can on the route), there would be one of those damn old rusty mailboxes with the door that weighs a ton opening up and putting  a fresh scratch on my door.

I’ve tried a lot of different things to try to protect my rural mail carrier vehicles over the years. In the beginning, I used to go down to one of the local sign shops and ask them if they had any scrap magnetic vinyl pieces. These actually worked pretty good but you never knew what sizes they were going to have – if any.

The last two years I’ve been purchasing the Master Magnetics Magnet sheet from Amazon. For around 10 bucks, it’s been a lifesaver for my car door many times. I’ve also been applying the USPS vinyl decals that are used on many outdoor mail box units as you can see in the photo.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to help prevent damage to your rural mail carrier vehicle, give it a try and see what you think. I’ve used mine in weather from 102 F down to -25 F. Rain, snow, dust, rocks, mud, etc. and the vinyl sheet stays put plus it looks good.

It’s nice for people to identify that you’re a rural carrier with the added decal and just another way of making your job look a little more professional. Just because rural carriers don’t get a clothing allowance for uniforms doesn’t mean we have to look like homeless people out there delivering the mail!