Rural Mail Carrier Workers Shortage

Severe Shortage of Rural Mail Carriers When I first started at the USPS over 19 years ago, I can remember having to take the civil service aptitude tests and being placed on a “waiting list” for future job opening with the US Postal Service. My oh my how things have changed! I feel like nowadays, if you have a pulse, you are eligible to work Read More

Rural Mail Carrier Anxieties

Are We There Yet? First of all, I need to apologize to all of you rural mail carriers out there for not staying up to date with my posts on this site. Like many of you, I have felt the burden of the never-ending onslaught of Amazon come down on me like a ton of bricks. Will it ever end? If it maintains this level Read More

Don’t Sweat It

Rural Carriers Need To Wear Proper Clothing This summer has sucked here in Minnesota with the high temperatures and humidity. Much of the U.S. seems to be in a heat wave this year with lots of sun and very little precipitation. Driving on some of the gravel roads on my route is like driving through a sea of chalk. The dust gets everywhere! If there’s Read More

Seat Covers Protect Your Rural Letter Carrier Vehicle

Seat Covers Are A Great Investment! One thing I quickly learned as a rural letter carrier is that it doesn’t take long for your vehicle to get dirty – both inside and out. Some of us drive on the nastiest roads imaginable including dirt, mud, gravel, snow, etc. And driving with the window open at all times means the elements are going to find a Read More

Rural Mail Carrier Strobe Light

Make Sure They See You! One of the best investments you can make as a rural mail carrier is to get an emergency warning or flashing strobe light to place on your vehicle. Many post offices will provide a standard light to rural carriers free of charge but after years of dealing with what I felt was inadequate lighting, I decided to do some shopping Read More

Snow Tires For Winter Driving on Rural Mail Carrier Routes

Snow Tires vs. All Season Tires If you are like me and you live and work in an area that gets a significant amount of snowfall each winter, I would strongly encourage you to consider putting actual snow tires on your rural mail carrier vehicle if possible. I always thought that a good all-season tire was all I needed to get me through the snow Read More

Deck The Packages!

Is Christmas Over With Yet? I don’t know about you but Christmastime used to be my favorite time of year – until I started working for the USPS! Now I dread every holiday season with the constant flood of packages that not only add to the daily stress of the job but also take a toll on our rural mail carrier vehicles. Of course 2020 Read More

Energy Supplements

Where’s My Go-Go Pill? People have asked me over the years about how I can keep going every day on the mail route with the ever-increasing load of parcels – especially this year with the Covid-19 pandemic. Once I hit middle age, I discovered the wonderful benefits of dietary supplements and how there is basically something out there for everyone. Life is busy for mail Read More

Death Of A Mailbox

Enough With The Political Mail!!! If this box could talk, what would it say? “No more political mailings!” or maybe “F-You Amazon!” I thought this photo was a good representation of 2020 in general and especially when it comes to life as a mail carrier in this COVID drenched year. Most mail carriers thought they were finally going to get a little break from the Read More

Tarsus Rural Letter Carrier Pedal Kit

Rural Mail Carrier Right Hand Drive Pedal System I always told myself if I ever became a full-time rural mail carrier that I would invest in some type of right hand drive pedal kit for my vehicle. After stretching and straining to reach the pedals from the passenger side, my back and hip started to get out of alignment and this was causing pain along Read More