What Is Happening With The US Post Office?

Is the USPS Destined For Failure? If the post office where you work at is anything like mine, you probably haveĀ  all asked yourself the same question – and with good reason. Every week I am amazed by the lack of organization and managerial skills of what used to be a very proud American institution. Take the current situation at our office: Two weeks ago Read More

Rural Carrier Work Boots

Rock Rooster 6 inch Waterproof Soft Toe Leather Work Boots For those of us who work as rural mail carriers, we are exposed to some of the most brutal elements on a daily basis. Whether it’s dealing with rain, mud, snow, wind, etc. it’s very important to wear the proper clothing and gear to not only protect your body but also make you more comfortable Read More

AminoLean Energy Booster

Jump Start Your Morning! For the past several years, I have been using the RSP AminoLean Pre Workout supplement every morning before I leave for the Post Office. What I like most about it besides the energy boost it gives me is that it does not give me jitters like many other energy supplements can do. AminoLean also claims to improve your mental focus and Read More