Death Of A Mailbox

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Enough With The Political Mail!!!

If this box could talk, what would it say? “No more political mailings!” or maybe “F-You Amazon!” I thought this photo was a good representation of 2020 in general and especially when it comes to life as a mail carrier in this COVID drenched year.

Most mail carriers thought they were finally going to get a little break from the holiday packages of 2019 and before you know it, just a few months into 2020, here came the Corona virus riding a horse named “Amazon” and both rural and city mail carriers are busting their humps every day delivering to those who are too fearful (or too lazy) to go out and shop for things in person.

And what could be the missing ingredient to this unending year of packages? How about a half-dozen political mailings every day basically saying the same thing but with “fill in the blank” images of politicians desperate to either hold onto their current spot in government or the newcomers trying to outspend them with their own ads so they can come back and ask for more money to do the same thing all over again when their next term is up.

Don’t get me started about Amazon as that will be a topic for many upcoming posts but stay strong rural mail carriers. The countdown is on to election day and soon it will be over – or will it?