Energy Supplements

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Where’s My Go-Go Pill?

People have asked me over the years about how I can keep going every day on the mail route with the ever-increasing load of parcels – especially this year with the Covid-19 pandemic. Once I hit middle age, I discovered the wonderful benefits of dietary supplements and how there is basically something out there for everyone.

Life is busy for mail carriers and let’s face it, most of us are probably not eating a very healthy diet. While supplements can never take the place of the “real thing” when it comes to eating healthy, they can be a great “supplement” to your daily diet.

Mornings can be a bear for me and when the daylight savings time starts up every fall, I cringe about having to get back from the route in the dark most days. My “breaks” during the day generally consist of a 10-minute stop to let my dog out on my route and 5 minutes to shovel down a yogurt and some nuts on most days.

While everyone is different, there are two main supplements that I would encourage you to try out and see if they give you more energy and focus.

My Go-To Go-Go Supplements

I recommend a daily dose of vitamin B-12 and Nitric Oxide. You can't really go wrong with either of these energy supplements.

Vitamin B-12Nitric Oxide

Both of these energy supplements are relatively inexpensive so if you’re feeling a little rundown and looking for a boost of energy in pill form, give these a try. Be sure to read the labels for your specific health condition. Tip: Even though the recommended dosage of the nitric oxide is 2 pills/day, I would suggest doing that in the first 7-10 days to get it in your system and then go down to just 1/day to make it last longer.

If you notice a difference (either too much or not enough), adjust accordingly and go go go!